It's with a heavy heart, that we have decided to close down the Jube platform, and renting will no longer be possible. - We want to thank all of you who have supported the project and helped Jube become a reality.

Stay safe and take care.

The Jube team

Rent & rent out film gear in your local
community - Safely & insured!

Roadmap Timeline

Users are validated
with NemID & CVR

Instant insurance
up to 300.000 kr

Secure & instant
online payment

What is Jube?

In a nutshell

Search and find gear

Search, find and rent gear. No time consuming
phone calls, emails or paperwork.

Rental with instant insurance

Affordable insurance with just a few clicks, as
perhaps the only one on the market.

Pickup and network

Jube has talented members from all corners of
the industry, and networking is half the fun!

Create and review

Members review each other after each rental, and
help keep a healthy and strong community.

Why Jube?

How we make gear renting better

ID Validated members
Instant online payment
Saves you loads of time
Roadmap Timeline
Instant insurance

Built for renters and owners

By filmmakers, for filmmakers

Search, find & book gear

Search, find and add the gear you need to your shopping cart. - Filter by categories such as Cameras, Lenses, Lights, Audio, Drones, Gimbals, Grip and others.

Easy shopping cart edit

Edit prices, dates, gear items and more, right in the booking flow, in collaboration with the owner or renter. - No more playing fetch with emails or phone calls back and forth.

Keeping track of it all

The dashboard keeps track and overview of inventory, requests, messages and rentals. - Auto generated invoices and gear lists are sent to your email automatically.

Personalize your package

Do you want to offer your drone pilot skills alongside with your drone? Or create a big and small package from the same gear items? No problem! - Create the packages you want. Jubes gear management system lets you customize every detail, and keep track of all your gear.

Do you own gear?

Get your own rental service with insurance, in just a few minutes

92.160 DKKper year

80.000 DKK

6 days


Let us do it?

We put it online & create a profile for you

Rent out safely & insured

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the great questions. Here are a few:

Can I list a kit or a package of gear?

Can I list a kit or a package of gear?

Yes, of course! That is the reason why we made the Jube gear management system.

  • Just add all your gear as individual items - i.e. lenses, cameras, tripods, SD cards, batteries...
  • Afterwards, simply create package listings by combining any items you have listed. Don't worry, the system will keep track of potential double-bookings!
  • Keep track of your gear with overviews and gear lists

Because of the way we have built the gear management system, it is possible to edit packages right in the checkout process. As an owner you can easily edit price, items and dates right there together with the renter.

See FAQ page

How does insurance work?

How does insurance work?

Jube offers insurance in collaboration with Topdanmark Forsikring, in Denmark.

The insurance is calculated on an hourly rate, using the replacement value of the gear.

Jube covers items (A single piece of gear) between 1.000 and 200.000 DKK in replacement value. And covers a total of 500.000 DKK pr. booking period, pr. renter. - If the replacement value exceeds these amounts, the owner and renter have to both agree upon this, in order to complete the booking.

The insurance covers the gear in terms of fire, theft, robbery and mugging, vandalism in the form of burglary and sudden externally imposed damage.

The few things the insurance does not cover is drones, vehicles of any kind, special build / not mass produced equipment, light bulbs and other consumable goods.

See FAQ page

How secure is it to use Jube?

How secure is it to use Jube?

We aim to eliminate fraud in the audio-visual rental industry. Safety is a cornerstone in the Jube community. Only ID verified and validated users on Jube can interact in a booking process.
We create a safe community in a variety of ways

  • ID verification
  • Instant gear insurance
  • Online payment and bank information
  • Personal vetting
  • Phone number, CVR / VAT and SoMe account validation.
  • User reviews after each rental

See FAQ page

How does the payment work?

How does payment work?

There are no late paid invoices on Jube - all payments are handled securely and swiftly online in collaboration with

  • As a renter you can easily add your credit card information in your profile settings
  • As an owner you simply enter your bank account information in your profile settings and get the payment transferred directly to your account
  • A receipt will be sent to your email
See FAQ page